ActiveMetal™ Creates Switches, Keypads, and Keyboards out of Solid Metal for Harsh and Rugged Environments.

Round Rock, TX - October 24, 2003 -- Texzec, Inc. announces ActiveMetal™ (patents pending), the most rugged switch/key entry technology available today. Products based on this technology are designed specifically for outdoor and vandal prone locations, as well as harsh and hazardous environments.

Using proprietary ultrasonic technology, ActiveMetal™ products sense touch through solid metal from a finger or any glove. Solid metal construction combined with state of the art sensing techniques sets a new standard for ruggedized switches, keypads and keyboards that are vandal proof, waterproof and explosion proof. Since ActiveMetal™ switches, keypads, keyboards are resistant to aggressive cleaners and solvents, they are easily sanitized. Due to their construction, ActiveMetal™ products produce minimal EMI and can withstand gouging from knives and other sharp objects. They are insensitive to impact and vibration, and operate in all weather conditions.

ActiveMetal™ products are designed for demanding applications such as ATMs, kiosks, vending outlets, gas pumps, food processing, military, pharmaceutical and medical equipment.

ActiveMetal™ technology makes it possible to integrate a single switch or a complete control panel into your metal front panel/enclosure. Since no openings are required for mounting the switches, the enclosure's integrity is fully maintained. ActiveMetal™ switches are as rugged as the enclosure itself: perfectly suited for Class 1 - Division 1-2, NEMA 12, NEMA 4X and IP65 classified enclosures.

How it works:
ActiveMetal™ technology uses proprietary techniques to trap ultrasonic energy in designated locations of a metal plate. This concentration of ultrasonic energy is sensitive to touch on the front metal surface from a finger or glove, but due to our proprietary design, is insensitive to water, grease or other common contaminants. Simple electronics are used to detect which location has been touched - up to sixteen positions per square inch in metal up to 3/8" thick. Ceramic, glass, and some plastic materials can also be fabricated into touch entry devices.

Unique features include optional multi-level switch activation pressures and the ability to monitor switch performance providing trouble-shooting data in real time. The front surface of the touch area can be completely flat for simple decontamination and sterilization, contoured for finger indexing, or covered with a tactile overlay.

ActiveMetal™ Switch technology is available in switches, keypads, and keyboards. For pricing, contact Texzec at (512)255-4440 or


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